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Wheel Repair

At Eastside Auto Detail, we’re dedicated to providing the highest-quality rim repair services to our customers. Our technicians can restore your wheels to their original condition, with fast turnaround times, close attention to detail and safety. Curb rash, bent wheels and cracked rims are not just a cosmetic issue, they also lead to performance and safety issues.


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Wheel Repair
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Wheel Repair
Wheel Repair
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Wheel Repair


Repair Services

Curb rash and bent rims are a breeze to fix. Get your alloy wheels repaired and get back on the road.

Wheel Repair


Custom Coloring

We can paint your rims the color of your choice. Powder coating is available too.

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Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

High Quality Alloy Wheel Repair, Custom Coloring & OEM Replacements

From minor cosmetic damage to complete restoration, Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists offers professional and affordable alloy rim repair. We can straighten and refinish wheels with the custom color of your choice. If your rims are beyond repair, we have access to the best-quality OEM replacements.

Wheel Refinishing

Revitalize your wheels with Eastside Auto Detail’s professional wheel refinishing services. We repair and restore damaged rims, enhancing their appearance and prolonging their lifespan.

Wheel Straightening

Ensure a smooth and safe ride with Eastside Auto Detail’s wheel straightening services. Our experts repair bent and damaged wheels, restoring them to their original shape and performance.

Wheel Remanufacturing

Transform your vehicle with Eastside Auto Detail’s custom wheel manufacturing. We design and produce high-quality, bespoke wheels that reflect your unique style and enhance your car's performance.

Wheel Custom Coloring

Make a statement with Eastside Auto Detail’s wheel custom coloring services. Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes to give your wheels a unique and personalized look that stands out.

Concours D'elegance

Achieve perfection with Eastside Auto Detail’s Concours D'elegance preparation services. Our meticulous detailing and restoration ensure your vehicle is show-ready, capturing the elegance and excellence required for prestigious automotive events.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faq's)

Wheel repair involves fixing damaged or bent wheels to restore their appearance and functionality. You should consider wheel repair if your wheels have curb damage, dents, cracks, or other issues affecting performance or aesthetics.

The time for wheel repair varies depending on the extent of damage. Minor repairs like curb rash can be completed in a few hours, while more severe damage may take longer. Wheel repair can fix curb damage, scratches, dents, cracks, and bends, restoring the wheel’s appearance and structural integrity.