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Do you want to be proud of your car again? Look no further than Express Upholstery. We can perform anything from a simple repair to a complete custom interior replacement. Our skilled and experienced tradesmen always promise quick and quality repair. No job is too big or too small – call today to bring your vehicle back to life!


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Upholstery Car Seats
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Upholstery Car Seats
Upholstery Car Seats
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A car wash is a facility used to clean the exterior and interior vehicles .

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Car Upholstery Products
Boat Upholstery

Car Upholstery Products

Looking for more than vehicle upholstery in Redmond, WA? You can get leather-conditioning products, ragtop products, and car upholstery products in our shop.

Boat Upholstery

Our experienced professionals can repair or replace all upholstery on your boats. We also provide boat covers.

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Comprehensive Auto Upholstery Services

We use a technology-based, 100% precision-cut system, enabling us to install your vehicle glass tinting fast and with total accuracy – as well as produce amazing custom tint designs!

Fabric and leather upholstery (factory restoration and custom work)

Experience top-tier factory restoration and custom upholstery work with Eastside Auto Detail. Our experts rejuvenate and customize your vehicle’s fabric and leather interiors, ensuring comfort and luxury with every detail.

Restitching and repair of rips and tears

Restore your vehicle’s interior with Eastside Auto Detail’s restitching and repair services. We expertly mend rips and tears in fabric and leather upholstery, bringing your seats back to their original condition.

Restoration work (classic, custom, and collector autos)

Preserve and enhance the beauty of your prized vehicles with Eastside Auto Detail’s expert restoration services. We specialize in meticulous restoration work for classic, custom, and collector automobiles, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Custom interiors

Transform your vehicle’s interior with Eastside Auto Detail’s custom interior services. We design and install bespoke interiors that reflect your personal style and provide unmatched comfort and luxury.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faq's)

Car seat upholstery involves repairing or replacing the fabric, leather, or vinyl covering of your vehicle’s seats. It’s recommended to restore comfort, aesthetics, and resale value, and to protect your original seats from wear and tear.

The longevity of car seat upholstery depends on material quality and maintenance but can last several years. The process involves removing old upholstery, repairing padding if necessary, and installing new material. It typically takes a day or two to complete, depending on the complexity and number of seats.